Aeis tuition to help students score well

The education system in every country is different, so students who are forced to relocate to another country may find it difficult to adjust to the new system. The education system in Singapore is considered tougher than most other countries, so if students who have studied in other countries wish to get admission to Singapore schools they should they should answer the Admission exercise for international students (AEIS) test. The aeis is conducted by the ministry of education in Singapore every year and only students who pass the exam can get admission to different levels in Singapore schools.



Many students find the aeis test difficult and the passing percentage varies every year. In some years, only twenty percent of the students are passing the exam. Hence most students require some help to do well in the exam. Since the parents of the student are usually busy with their professional life, they do not have the time to teach their child. Hence in these cases, the parent would like to find a reliable tutor who offers aeis tuition for the different subjects, so that the student can pass the exam easily and resume his studies



The syllabus differs based on the age of the student, class he wishes to get admission to. There are four different levels for the exam, primary 3-4, primary 4-5, secondary 1, secondary 2-3. The duration of the exam for each of the level will vary, and also the questions. However, the exam will mainly test the student on his or her proficiency in English and math. The English exam consists of a composition, or essay and multiple choice questions to test proficiency of the student in vocabulary, grammar, English comprehension. The math exam consists 34 multiple choice question, 20 short answer questions and 10-15 open questions



Before hiring a tutor for aeis tuition, the parent should check the proficiency of his child in English and math. This will help in deciding how much assistance the child requires to pass the aeis exam. In some cases, the student is already good in math and English, so does not require much assistance, which in other cases, English is not the mother tongue, so the student requires more help. In these cases, it may be better to hire a tutor speaking the mother tongue of the child. The parent can then start searching for a tutor for the aeis exam. 



Usually for the aeis test, most parents are preferring to hire a home tutor who will visit the home a few times weekly to coach the student for the exam. It is advisable to hire a tutor who has some experience in teaching students for the aeis exam. Tutors who have a better sucess rate will charge more. The tutor will first assess the student to find out the areas in which he requires improvement. Then the tutor will finalize the personalized study plan for the student so that he is proficient in math, English for his age, and scores well in the aeis exam.