Esmond service centre is the top rated laptop repair shop in Singapore

Many professionals and students in Singapore are using their laptop extensively, often for many hours in a day. Hence it is very inconvenient when the laptop is malfunctioning . In some cases, the productivity of the user reduces when the laptop malfunctions, while in other cases they cannot do any work at all. Since the laptop user has usually invested a large amount in the laptop, he would like to find out the best laptop repair shop in Singapore to get the laptop repaired. Esmond service centre is one of the top rated laptop repair service providers in Singapore, repairing a wide range of laptops.


Most laptop users are using their laptop for all their important work,and have stored data on the laptop. Hence if there is a problem, they want to get it repaired at the earliest. We understand the urgency of the repairs. Hence we are open from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday. So customers can contact us to get their laptop repaired quickly. Our technicians are well trained, and we have spare parts in stock, so we can repair the laptops of all the popular brands at the earliest so that the user can resume working on the laptop.


Another reason why we are popular is the quality of our services. We have the latest diagnostic tools to detect the laptop problem quickly, whether it is a hardware or software problem. Our technicians are also experienced and well trained, they are familiar with the design , configuration, and problems of the most popular laptop brands in Singapore. We use only quality replacement parts for the laptops, for greater reliability. With our expertise in laptop repair, we are so confident of the quality of our services and the spare parts which are used, that we offer a warranty on all the laptops we repair.


We realize that most laptop owners do not wish to spend much money on repairs, since purchasing a new computer could be more cost effective. So we try to keep the cost of laptop repairs at the lowest. After inspecting the laptop, we specify the repair charges which are a combination of the cost of components required and labour charges to the customer for approval. Only after the customer confirms that he is willing to pay the charges, we complete the repairs. To the extent possible we ensure that the data and other information remains secure and is not corrupted during repairs.


While we specialize in Macbook repair, for all models of Macbooks like Macbook, we also repair laptops of other popular brands like Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell. Since the usage of smartphones and tablets has increased greatly in the last few years, we also repair all Android and iOS based devices. For many of these gadgets, the screen will get cracked and we have replacement screens available, so that the gadget can be repaired within a few hours. Additionally we also repair desktops, all in one computer, and offer data recovery services in case of computer or gadget failure.